Tom Mayhew made this website

Tom is a stand-up comedian, writer, actor, presenter and podcaster.

His critically acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe show - I, Tom Mayhew - sold out at the Soho Theatre in January 2020. The show was adapted into a Radio 4 series - Tom Mayhew is Benefit Scum - which went out live in March 2021.



What's with all this first person stuff? We all know that Tom is writing this.

Hey everyone. I hope you are staying safe and sane in these difficult times. Look after yourselves. x

‘Mayhew is passionate, articulate and – above all else – hilarious. His jokes are punchy, sharp and forthcoming. Despite the often weighty subject matter, laughs are never too far apart. Mayhew’s comedic voice should be heard, even if you don’t want to hear it.’ 

The Skinny